Change Starts with "You"!!
Change starts here !!

Every Individual, team or an organisation is working towards achieving a goal successfully. Playing to full potential is something that everyone wants to do, many times this does not happen. It's true, but natural, that one tends to look at the world outside. This world, could be the resources, organisations' culture, superior, peer, subordinate, team, competition, market conditions, politics, etc.

The truth is that, the only thing that is coming between you and success is "YOU". It is your behaviour, attitude, values, beliefs, fears, motives, desires and experiences that is coming in your way. Hence, change always starts with "YOU".

When was the last time you invested in yourself ??

Executive coaching in Bangalore

Executive Coaching is an important part of the leader's learning process. Executive Coaching provides a confidential and non-judgmental environment, where individuals/teams can leverage their existing strengths, see clearly without deception, heighten awareness, get new insights, develop effective work relationships, and move towards sound behavior. Coaching elicits new ways to respond to changing and challenging times. The coaching process is goal-oriented and ends with clear actions and accountability. It improves the personal quality of life. Know more about Executive Coaching here .

To understand this more, I have penned an E-book exclusively for those who need some insights on what is executive coaching and what is not!. Download your complimentary copy here

I am a Certified Executive Coach based in Bangalore, India. I serve clients across India, Asia, and other regions in the world. I also offer Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Business Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching, and Life Coaching. I am a Professional Certified Coach ( PCC) with the International Coaching Federation ( ICF). I am also a Team Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching( MGSCC).

As leadership is about continuous self-development, I have written an article on Adaptive Leadership, the skills, and the foundation needed by a leader to be adaptive. This would come handy in the current context we are in, where the environment is indeed VUCA.

Behavioural Transformation

Executive coaching helps the leaders understand, how others view their behavior, how it impacts their effectiveness at work & business results, what is the cause and what is the desired/optimal change.

Leadership Development & Effectiveness

Executive coaching builds and strengthens leadership competencies such a emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, etc. and help align better with organisation’s needs.

Sounding Board

Executive coaching helps leaders think through, review their line of thinking and evaluate alternate perspectives. Coach challenges and brings out the best in their client

How Self-Aware Are You?

Take up this self-awareness test at NO COST to help you discover & understand yourself better. The results will be processed & emailed to you within 24hrs

Time required: 10 minutes.

A Basic Guide to My Other Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching in Bangalore

Leadership Coaching

A bespoke process, where the leader works with a Leadership coach to become more effective professionally and personally.

I, as a Leadership Coach help leaders, to be aware of self: how they relate to others and how others relate to them. I facilitate and collaborate with the leader to identify priorities, reduce limiting beliefs, improve work relationships, address derailing behaviors, and enhance the ability to communicate better, so you as the leader is empowered to play at full potential.

Life Coaching in Bangalore

Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on the current reality and where the client wants to get. Interferences are identified through the coaching process.

I, as a Life Coach, help you build a sustainable action plan that is co-created to overcome obstacles and reach the goal. Life coaching helps an individual play at full potential with sustained confidence. I help you with greater self-realization, understanding of purpose, and empowerment and enable you with internal reflections and new insights.

Team Coaching in Bangalore

Team Coaching

A Process where the team as a whole works with a coach, to maximise their potential and performance, in alignment with the organisations' goals.

I, as a Team Coach, help the team understand the behavioural strength of each team member and how they can leverage on each other's strength to create synergy. Team coaching enhances the level of trust, transparency, communication amongst the team members. Team member learn to complement each other rather than compete, as they have heightened awareness about their purpose towards the team and the organisation.

I’ve got immense value from coaching sessions with Madhu! He always demonstrates great presence in coaching sessions that helped me to self reflect and challenges with right questions to move forward with my goals! Thanks much Madhu!!

-Rajendran Baskaran

Director – Personal Relations, Asia Pacific

Ford Motor Company

Madhu is an Executive Coach, who displays a lot of passion for coaching. He is very professional in his approach. With clear communication and subtle probing, he brings out the best in people.

-Rajaram K

Director Human Resource

TPI Composites Inc., India

I have been fortunate to get in connection with Mr.Madhu for leadership training. Within a matter of a few weeks, I have found the communication, empathy, tools, and procedures to be one of the best. I am happy to recommend Madhu to be one of the able executive coach

-Dr.Prakash Muthudoss

Lab Manager


It was an insightful experience with Mr. Madhu. At times we loose track of our larger goals when we run around to solve transactional problems and these sessions helped in regaining that focus.

-Lipjo joseph



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