Professional Certified Coach in Bangalore

Journey towards fulfilment

I get my energies from people and from creating something. I feel fulfilled, when I spend quality time with family & friends, when I partner with people to bring positive change and when I give back to the society.

In my corporate career, achieved a lot, made lot of mistakes, learned and unlearned many things, led a global team and travelled widely. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

In 2018, my Coach helped me gain insights on who I was, my purpose and what gave me true energy and fulfilment. I decided to move out of my corporate career to start this journey towards fulfilment. To be a coach, to be a catalyst for individual, team and organisation development, focusing on behaviours. I have experienced and learned that behaviour directly affects business results.

Madhu - Certified Executive Coach in Bangalore, India

Why Coach with Me?

Past Corporate Experience

  • Head of International Business - John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.

    Expanded footprint for Paul John Indian Single Malt across 40 countries, lead a global team, accountable for sales and profitability. Got passionate about Single malt whiskies, all the art and science that goes into it.

  • DGM – International Business - UB Global – INDIA

    Responsible for sales and marketing of UB group's products including beers and whiskies. This is where I learned Brand Equity.

  • Asst.Manager – Marketing and Sales - Watanmal Group

    Working at ground zero in Africa to help the team manage demand, competition and launch new products. This is when I fell in Love with Africa, also learned the importance of trust and collaboration in a team.

  • Asst.Manager Sales - Finolex Industries Ltd.

    Started as Management Trainee, then moved to handle the regional sales. This is where I learned to "get my hands dirty".

Professional Certified Coach Credential
Marshall Goldsmith Certification Credential
Belbin Team Roll Certification Credential

My Personal Interest

Madhu - Leadership Coach in Bangalore, India


52 countries, but my heart needs more. I love to learn from the world. Humans behave differently across the world; emotions are the same. Travelling makes me curious, keeps me humble. It brings a lot of excitement. Like to watch how people behave and the impact it creates.


I am a foodie and love cooking!! Food is an art, it replicates life, a little bit of everything makes it delicious, when overdone it spoils. My senses are at its best when I cook, and I am just focussed on getting it right.


Something that I discovered recently. Being with self is very interesting. Learning to breathe, be in the moment, here and now. I still have a long way to go, but I am committed.

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