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You are now a leader in your organization or an entrepreneur who is set up a dream business or a business owner. Your skills, knowledge, performance, hard work, persistence, and perseverance has got you here. Going ahead, for you to be effective, there are more muscles that you will need to build. Your work relationship, communication, ability to inspire, emotional intelligence, adaptability, decisiveness, resilience, etc. will determine how successful you are as a leader. There are numerous articles and courses that can teach you on how to be an effective leader, however, they will not make you one.

Change must happen from within. For this, being aware of the current reality, self and environment is important. This is where Executive coaching helps you. You will need to let go off things, build new behaviours, etc. Most importantly, do this intrinsically. This is where Madhu, as a Professional Certified Coach, becomes a partner in your leadership journey. His coaching process is bespoke to address the goals and objectives that you bring to the table.

Leadership Coaching in Bangalore

I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.


What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a leadership development intervention. Individuals in leadership positions, entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations investing in leadership development engage an Executive Coach. A certified executive coach provides a safe, confidential, and challenging environment for the client (Individual/Team) to gain clarity about self, goals, roadblocks. The coach and the client co-create a roadmap to achieve the desired objective in an empowering manner. The coach also is an accountability partner in change. The coach assists the clients in his journey with appropriate resources and tools.

The coaching process is client-centric. The client lifts the weight to build his leadership muscles. A coach is not a consultant, mentor, or a therapist and does not provide solutions.

Madhu - Certified Executive Coach | Executive coaching in Bangalore

Who is Madhu?

Madhu - Certified Executive Coach | Executive coaching in Bangalore

I am a Professional Certified Coach ( PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. I am also a Certified Executive Coach & Team Coach with Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. I have over 600 hours of Coaching experience with middle & senior-level executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Coaching is my passion and I quit my corporate life to be a coach. I last served as the Head of International business for a beverage alcohol company and has over 14 years of corporate experience in International Sales and Marketing. Besides coaching, I am also an entrepreneur and I trade in Frozen Seafood. Know more about me

How Executive coaching can help you?

What you want to achieve from coaching is defined by you and the needs at your organization.
Below are a few benefits of Executive coaching

  • Build effective work relationship
  • See self and others clearly
  • Leverage your existing strengths
  • Shift mindset to bigger responsibilities.
  • Improve leadership abilities
  • Explore unknown territories
  • Play at full potential
  • Effective behavioural transformation

Madhu - Certified Executive coach in Bangalore

Who needs Executive coaching the most?

A few instances are highlighted below

  • Organizations willing to invest in their top executives and high potential managers to be effective leaders.
  • Executives who have stepped into middle and senior management & want to change the way they lead, operate, behave , perform, and achieve goals.
  • Executives who wants to be more self-aware and clear clutters to move to the next level in their role.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners, who want to bounce their ideas, have more clarity in their vision, purpose. Also, when they need an accountability partner.
  • Leader's who want to align their professional and personal goal.
  • Leader's who want support to navigate through challenges, address limiting beliefs and maximize confidence.

6 Reasons Why should You work with a Leadership Coach?

We all know that Leadership is a journey and never a destination. Leaders keep evolving in this journey, by sharpening their skills and knowledge. Leaders constantly invest in Executive education, Leadership development programs, books, podcasts, articles, TED talks, etc.

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Five step to your success

Willing to invest in yourself

Step 1: Willing to invest in yourself

Coaching is a long-term process, you should be committed to invest time, energy and effort to make the magic happen.

Ready to partner

Step 2: Ready to partner

Partnering in the process by being open, honest and vulnerable. Your willingness to explore and go deep-within matters.

Ready to set excuses aside

Step 3: Ready to set excuses aside

Excuses pulls you down, it gets you back to where you started. You should be willing to move out of your comfort zone, take risks and try new things.

Work with commitment to stay on track

Step 4: Work with commitment to stay on track

Nothing can beat commitment. Being accountable to your action plan is substitute to none.

Call me

Step 5: Call me

If you have ticked the above 4 boxes, call me, let's have a conversation. It is important that you be comfortable with your coach. The power to decide still remains with you, as in coaching.

The Executive Coaching Process

Executive coaching process - step 1

Chemistry Session

Client and coach connect to understand broad coaching expectations, clarify doubts and build confidence.
Executive coaching process - step 2


A formal agreement highlighting confidentiality, ethics and process is signed
Executive coaching process - step 3

Seeing self clearly

360-degree assessment. Interview with stakeholders. Specific psychometric assessment ( if needed). Outcomes and insights shared and discussed.
Executive coaching process - step 4

Determining Leadership Growth Areas

Agreement to work on specific growth areas based on assessment, organisational and personal needs.
Executive coaching process - step 5

One to one goal-oriented sessions

Exploration, deep diving, action planning and setting accountability.
Executive coaching process - step 6

Progress Check

Review of actions, progress, roadblocks and course correction.
Executive coaching process - step 7

Measuring Results

Stake holders interviewed to check progress ( both midway and towards the end)

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive is a key intervention for leadership development. The coaching process moves you to a more resourceful state, empowering you to achieve your goals.

All sessions between the coach and client are strictly confidential. In cases where a sponsor is involved, pre-agreed details will be shared between the coach, client and the sponsor. As an ICF Credentialed Coach, I strictly abide the code of conduct and ethics prescribed by ICF.

There are individuals (Executive, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners) who self-sponsor, as they view this as an important intervention in their personal and professional journey.

There are organisations who enroll their leaders in a coaching assignment. You may want to check with your organisation if they would like to offer any assistance, as this is a leadership development initiative.

A certified coach is undergone proper coach training and build the necessary coaching skills through rigorous practice. They follow a coaching process and their skills are evaluated by a reputed body like International Coaching Federation (ICF). Most importantly, they abide by the code of conduct and ethics.

Yes, I am a Profession Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am also a certified Executive coach from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Know more about me

Change needs commitment, persistence, and perseverance and it happens with time. A Coaching session is usually between 6 and 12 months. The duration depends on the need of the client and their journey.

There are learnings and insights from the first session, however, it is important that the client actions the learnings and this takes time. Coaching is a long-term commitment to your leadership journey. It takes anywhere between 6 and 12 months. There are leaders who engage with their coaches even longer.

A coaching session would be productive if the client is in a coaching mindset (fully present, open, honest, vulnerable, and trusts the process). The client is accountable for the action plans committed by the self in the previous coaching session. It is expected that there is adherence to the actions committed.

In consulting the consultant holds the answers and fixes the problem for you. In Coaching the power is in your hands, you find answers to your problems and you empower yourself in the journey

A Mentor is usually a subject matter expertise, he advises, tells and share's his experience. In coaching, the client is the hero. It is experiences, insights, and learnings, the coach facilitates and partners in this. There is no telling.

You are the best person to judge if coaching has worked or not. It is also important to evaluate your effort and commitment in the process, before making a judgement. In coaching engagement where stakeholders (peers, superiors, subordinates) are involved, they are a good source to check progress and effectiveness.

You should choose to work with a coach, with whom you feel comfortable and trust is at its best. This will enable you to be honest, true, and vulnerable. You should check if the coach is certified. Explore are the coaching model and the process will aid you in making the right decision.

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