What was the last investment you made? Your next investment?

July 27th, 2021 | By Madhu

What was the last investment you made? What is the next investment that you are going to make?

I am sure the answer to both the questions is in the space of stocks, shares, properties, mutual funds etc., isn’t it? Now If I am going to tell you that these investments that you made are not going to help you grow, how would you feel? but this is the bitter truth.

You just forgot that the biggest asset that you have is you, yourself. If that rings a bell, when was the last time you invested in yourself? Hi! My name is Madhu Kanna, and I am a certified coach. I partner with individuals who are committed and willing to evolve in their life, at work and as a leader. I will enable you to see yourself clearly without any filters, identify your strengths, clarify your goals, address limiting beliefs, be an accountability partner in your growth areas.

Partner with me on a transformational coaching journey for 8 sessions, if I don’t leave you resourceful and help you address your objectives you will get your investment back. And that’s a promise. To understand how coaching can work for you and leave you in a resourceful state, schedule a complimentary call with me using the link below or write to me on madhu@coachwithmadhu.com or call me at +91-9900054730.

See you there.


Top Executive Coach in Bangalore – Madhu Kanna,

Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation.

Marshall Goldsmith, Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

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Madhu Kanna - Certified Executive Coach | Leadership coach

Madhu Kanna

I am a Certified Executive Coach and I work with leaders to help them play at their full potential!!

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