Are you ready to explore and know more about yourself?

Take effective decisions and move towards a balanced and more fulfilled personal and professional life?

Do you relate with any of the below?

  • You feel that you are pulled in different directions and lack clarity to make a critical decision.
  • You do not know why you behave in certain ways and are not able to initiate change.
  • You want to collaborate and co-create, but not clear where to collaborate and where to leverage your strengths.
  • You have achieved things and at a great place, both in your career and life, but still feel unfulfilled.
  • You want to take the next big step but lack clarity on certain areas.
  • You feel that there is an imbalance, but not able to identify where and how.
  • Despite your best efforts, you are not playing at your full potential.
  • You are stuck with something that you always wanted to do, but not clear how to proceed.

Would you like to be in a space where:

  • You are aware of your natural way of being, your strengths, and your inclinations!
  • Have clarity on the aspects of life where your energies are being focused and where they are drained!
  • Identify your blind spots and start thinking about ways to overcome them!
  • Understand what is driving your behaviours and unintended consequences of your behaviours!
  • Carve your own path that provides you with fulfillment!
  • Play to your fullest potential!

Then it is time to be self-aware.


is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively without any filters. When you see things as they are, you empower yourself to make the right decisions.


A bespoke, one-on-one coaching program, curated specifically for people in the mid-stage of their career and for people stepping into senior leadership. This program is based on my coaching interactions and learnings from people with whom I have worked with.

This program is best suited for mid-level managers, team Leaders, vertical/business heads, account managers, departmental heads, entrepreneurs, or Individual contributors moving to leadership roles.

In case, you are going through a midlife or mid-career struggle, this program will leave you with clarity and direction.

So, How does this work?

Step 1

Go ahead and take an assessment that will help understand your preferences and how they manifest in your personal and professional life.

Step 2

Get on a one-to-one engagement session where I debrief the results of the assessment through a coaching conversation, address your concerns, and throw light on areas to focus.

Step 3

Work with me to understand the balance & alignment in your current life versus where you want to be.

Step 4

Identify and address one critical goal or issue that you want to address. Walk away with awareness and action plans.

Step 5

Identify and understand how the world experiences you, what you need to improve and stop doing.


This is not a training program, motivational session, or a magical pill for the challenges you are currently facing. This is a partnering and co-creating program where you will reflect, share, and connect with yourself. This program is transformational, provided you are committed, honest, and willing to invest time in the process.

The invitation is to take up InOut, only if:

  1. You are willing to be open, honest, willing to reflect and invest in the process to improve your way of being.
  2. You are open to feedback and ready to challenge yourself at every step.
  3. Open to change and pursue your purpose relentlessly.
  4. You have the desire to bring in change but need support and structure to get there.


6 hours of one on one connect, spread over 3 sessions, at a time of mutual convenience.

At the end of this program, you will:

Find Balance and Fulfillment

  • Get insights into aspects of your current life that you are flourishing or struggling with.
  • Identify the changes that will move you towards fulfillment.
  • Get motivated to bring out that change that you need to.

Understand your natural self

  • Your actions and behaviours are based on a lot of internal factors like values, beliefs, needs, fears, etc. So, you will get to
  • Identify your natural preference, strengths, and fears.
  • Get light on the unintended consequence of your being.
  • Understand how these manifests in your life and change course if needed.

Get Moving

  • Explore, gain awareness, and get a clear action plan on one of the challenges or goals that you would want to address currently.
  • They could be the next step you want to take, a critical career decision, a behaviour change, a new goal that you want to pursue, or anything that needs immediate attention.


InOut is a Live and Virtual one on one program. It could be done in person if you reside in Bangalore and ready to meet up.

Of Course, you can engage with me on a full-on coaching program to address all your objectives or new concerns that may come up during the InOut program.

The commitment is 6 hours spread over 3 sessions. You are invited to take time to reflect on the outcomes, after each session.

This program is curated to offer you value. Should you not derive any, 100% of the payment will be refunded.

You can make an online payment directly to my bank account or pay through…

If you are gaining more clarity about yourself, what is happening with you, and the impact of your being on others, you are on the right track.

If you don’t know me or have questions on why should you work with me?

Madhu - Certified Executive Coach | Executive coaching in Bangalore

In the quest to have a more meaningful and fulfilled life, I decided to quit an active corporate life spanning 15 years, to be a Coach. Through a self-discovery session, I understood that my passion lies in enabling people to be in a more resourceful state. Today, I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from ICF and also MGSCC certified Executive & Team coach. Further to enhance by learning, I took up TAM assessment and Belbin Team Roles certification. I am extremely happy to have clocked over 1000 hours in coaching and enabling people play at their full potential.
Beyond people and coaching, biking and yoga are closer to my heart !

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