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Great leadership is about adopting a coaching mindset:

You have moved up the corporate ladder spending time and making the effort to check all the right boxes – academics, meeting the deadlines, upgrading skills, achieving targets, and more. However, there is a lot of difference between becoming a leader and being the leader. Just being good at your job is not enough anymore, leadership, as you grow up the ladder, is more and more about managing people than completing tasks. As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What has got you here, will not get you there”.

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You must make the transition to be the leader who inspires the team to put forth the best foot forward. Inspiration happens only when you move away from “Command and Control” mode to “Empower and commit”. This transition requires you to suspend judgments, provide support and guidance, rather than tell or give instructions. Coaching mindset helps build trust, enables people working with you to adapt to the constantly changing and challenging environment, in ways that unleash ownership, enthusiasm, and accountability.

With disruption, remote working, and the need to deliver more with less being the new norm, moving to a coaching mindset, is the most important leadership and organizational development initiative needed to transform yourself and your organization.

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This Certification is specially designed for corporate leaders, professionals, and business owners, who:

  • Believe people are their biggest asset and strive to build great work relationships.
  • Want their team to comprise free thinkers, who can think and do what they have never done before.
  • Find newer solutions to problems that they have never faced before.
  • Want to inspire people with whom they interact.
  • Stimulate great thinking.
  • Blaze the trail and shift the game to the next level.


  • Process

    10 hours of concepts, theory, process, and skills.

  • Assignments

    to keep you enriched with learnings and inputs

  • Mentoring

    One hour of personal mentoring after 30 days of the course to address roadblocks.

  • Practice

    10 hours of mentored coaching practice

  • Regal@60exercise

    for better personal and professional alignment

  • Community

    Access to the dynamic Regal Community of Coaches for continued learning.


Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost leadership and transformational coaching institute. They have trained and mentored over 200 aspiring coaches in India.

The Regal Coach Certification brings you the best in coaching:

Based on the framework of the International Coaching Federation ( #ICF Way)

Learn the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Coaching Competencies - Less theory, more practice

Know about how to implement it all at the workplace

Grasp coaching-related skills and concepts

Learn many powerful and transformational coaching tools

learn from the best


Coaching Empowers!! An Executive coach
who help leaders play at full potential |
Executive Coach| PCC-ICF | MGSCC


Executive Coach | Life Coach | ICF Mentor
| Healer |“Highly Commended” for
Mentoring in EMCC International 2016
Awards | Silicon India Mag top 10
Personality Development Institutes 2017

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